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Our company since it has been established in 1992, was exclusively focused on the production of CDs and DVDs. Our own printing office was put in operation in 2011. We offer a full service of pre-printing preparation (DTP services, including the possibility of creating graphical designs), printing and finishing operations.

The plant includes offset and digital production printing, whether on the glossy paper, cardboard or other types of materials, including the final coating after printing and further follow-up processing, such as matt or gloss lamination, partial varnish, die cutting, machine or manual gluing, bonding trays for digipacks, sewing, low-volume bags, business cards, packets, individual personification of products, machine and hand assembly, and so on.

We thus provide production of a variety of printed cardboard packaging in a wide range of production possibilities and the production is not tied to the production of CDs or DVDs.

FERMATA printing company is a holder of Certificate of Conformity with the printing standard ISO 12647-2: 2004/Amd1: 2007.

Production of CDs and DVDs

We offer our own transport service for the distribution of final products, we distribute domestically, and abroad we cooperate with different transport companies.

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