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pre-printing services


We provide comprehensive services including graphic and pre-print preparation.
We also provide review of graphic data supplied by you including reviewing the quality of the supplied image files (colour scale, image quality, size etc.) prior to printing. We do not provide grammatical or stylistic proofreading.

We use:

  • InDesign CS6
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Illustrator CS6
  • Corel Draw X5


In the supplied files we prefer PDF format, which must meet the following parameters:

colour model CMYK or DIRECT colours by PANTONE MATCH. SYSTEM
shape composite, do not use transparency, alternatively merge or draw in detail
scale 1:1
resolution 300 Dpi
text in curves or fonts in curves
for version Adobe Acrobat 7 or lower, max. PDF 1.6, standard PDF X/3 : 2003 v 5.0
overprint we keep the original setting

Vector formats

colour model CMYK or DIRECT colours by PANTONE MATCH. SYSTEM
scale 1:1
resolution Inserted bitmap files – 300 Dpi
text in curves
for version Adobe Illustrator CS6 and lower
Corel Draw X5 and lower
overprint we keep the original setting

Bitmap formats

colour model CMYK or DIRECT colours by PANTONE MATCH. SYSTEM
scale 1:1
resolution 300 Dpi
quality Do not use compression (TIF), Use the lowest compression (JPEG)

Send files to 10 MB to e-mail:
For the transfer of larger data we will gladly provide you space on our FTP SERVER.



We recommend the use only high-quality script (font), obtained legally from proven manufacturers / dealers, which are intended for print production and are without technical restrictions according to the license conditions.
I.e. We strongly do not recommend the use of free fonts, fonts intended for the web, etc. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee their error-free printing. If these conditions are not followed, we are not responsible for any final print result and issues related with the usage of the bad fonts and any claims cannot be accepted.


Digital calibrated proof

Digital proof can be used to improve the outcome of the printing process. Our print is not only printed out perfectly, but also correctly simulates the required FOGRA target profiles (glossy paper, offset paper…). Each print is always measured for the standard with ISO 12647-7:2007. The printing according to the digital calibrated proof can be agreed in advance for a special fee according to specific conditions.

Spheres of application:

  1. to check the colours of graphically processed digital data (mainly images)
  2. to check the colour standard of the final print – especially offset

We use:

printer Epson Stylus Pro 3880, RIP EFI Colorproof XF, EFI Colorproof XF Color Verifier Option with spectrophotometer EyeOne, material EFI CertProof Paper 6225XF Semimatt


CTP is an acronym for Computer To Plate. It refers to an electronic assembly and preparation of print plates directly from computer, without the use of conventional films as an intermediate step. Another advantage of CTP is a high precision and the ability to reproduce even very bright colours.

We use a fully automatic CTP capable of producing up to 38 photopolymer size B1 metal masters in an hour at 2,400 dpi. We use PRO-V metal masters with lower consumption of chemicals and water for developing.

offset printing

Offset printing is basically printing from a desktop and indirect printing at the same time. Powerful offset machine ensures that direct printing ink is transferred from a made form (the so-called metal master) first onto a rubber printing roller, and from there directly on a paper. Ink can thus adhere to almost any surface, even if it is not completely smooth. Offset printing allows printing fine details on a lower-quality paper, the printing colour is true and quality even on large coloured surfaces. Offset printing is suitable for larger print runs from hundreds to thousands of pieces up to high print runs – almost unlimited quantities. A great advantage of offset printing at higher print runs is the low price per piece.

The offset printing machine that we use has five printheads and a coater. This allows us to print using the CMYK process inks and a spot colour (PANTONE, silver and gold, black highlight, etc.) on one print run and also simultaneous coating of the print with dispersive lacquer, and therefore faster processing.

digital printing

Fast and cheap low-volume printing

Digital printing is an ideal choice for a while-you-wait printing from 1 piece. Digital printers allow printing directly from a computer without the need of preparing print metal masters. If you have print data ready, whether from us or you bring your own data in PDF format, having your print-outs from a digital printer will not take longer than just a few minutes.

We can digital print not only digital media covers, but also business cards, corporate stationery, posters and flyers, invitations, announcements, labels.

Digital printer that we use: XEROX iGEN 150 – sheet size = 365 × 660mm.

The digital printer that we use has a great advantage in its print format. It allows both printing of more print runs on one sheet and subsequent processing even on standard finishing machines.

Other benefits of digital printing

  • fast production
  • print from 1 piece
  • low cost in low volumes
  • possibility of personification
  • wide variety of printed materials

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