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wine boxes

Production of wine boxes by a design supplied by you. We also offer all graphic works and services for the creation and processing of your sources, we will prepare a design according to your wishes.
The production is normally realized of smooth, corrugated and laminated cardboard.
Boxes can be for one, two, three and six bottles of wine.
We can offer the wine boxes with a print – 1 or more colour (full colour) printing, logo, business address, recycling symbols and other features.

coated box (clamshell)

Production of coated boxes. The corpus material for the production of coated box is smooth machine cardboard with a weight of 600 to 1250 g/m2. For luxurious versions the white/white cardboard from 1000 to 1,200 g/m2 is most suitable. The material for the coating is typically made of glossy paper of 90 to 200 g/m2 grammage, as well as buckram of different colour shades, flocked materials (velvet surface), or metallic foils. The inside of the box can also be coated in the same or another coating material.

For more luxury boxes flocked paper, velvet or silk or other die-cut inserts (2D and 3D) can be used for the inserts.

A window can be cut in the lid of the box and transparent film glued in.

printed boxes

Standard production is carried out from white/gray or white/white cardboard of different weights according to customer requirements. This cover enables full-colour printing and application of different finishes:

  • coating with shiny or matt machine varnish,
  • application of shiny and matt lamination,
  • application of partial lacquer (PUV).

It is also possible to combine with:

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